Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just do the list...

In one my random bouts of energy, I decided to tackle the corner of my living room that held all my Mary Kay/Scentsy stuff. Really is just was a pile of stuff and an excuse of where to throw stuff. It was making my living room so cluttered. While sorting through stuff, I foung the Daily and Weekly Cleaning Routine I had typed up when I first became a stay at home mom. Oh the positive energy I had back then! Ha! So I decided that since nothing else I was coming up with was working (although let's face it, anything would work if I just did the work) I reverted back to that cleaning routine. I made some minor tweaks but I figured out my Daily Cleaning tasks and my Weekly Chores.

My Daily Routine consists of a Morning Routine and an Evening Routine. Here it is:

Morning Routine:
Wake-up, Get Ready (no more grungy Mommy)
Make Bed
Empty/Fill Dishwasher
Wipe Down Table and High Chair (From Breakfast/Snacks/Lunch)
Swish/Swipe Bathroom (From Flylady)
Start Laundry
Quick Pick-Up/Odds & Ends

Evening Routine:
Fold/Put Away Laundry
Empty/Fill Dishwasher
Put Away Dinner
Wipe Down Counters/Table/High Chair
Sweep/Shark Floors
Quick Pick Up/Odds & Ends

Now there are two ways to do weekly cleaning and it just depends on your cleaning style and schedule. Some people do their weekly cleaning once a week and focus it on one day. Others do little chores everyday to space it out. I have gone back and forth ad figuring out which one was for me and I finally came to the simple conclusion that while I would love to do all my weekly cleaning in one day and get it over with, I just don't have the time or the week day that I can do it all in one day. I am constantly running around and I just don't have a day of the week that I can pick that I am home long enough to get it all done. Plus, I don't think I have the stamina. I think I would mop the floors, give myself a gold star and skip the rest. So I will be breaking up into daily chores. Here it is:

Weekly Chores:
Monday: Kitchen
Tuesday: Bathroom
Wednesday: Vacuum/Mop Floors
Thursday: Mirrors/Windows/Dusting/Garbage/Recycling
Friday: Bedrooms/Change Sheets
Saturday/Sunday: Laundry

Now the beauty of this list is that when I feel overwhelmed or I find myself sidetracked by weird random tasks, I can just do the list. Refocus and do the list. Even if the living room is full of toys and I am feeling stressed, just do the list. At some point  I will get to those toys in a my quick pick up. Or I can work on my list and make the kids clean up their toys. The answer to my crappiness lies in the list!

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